Sunday, May 2, 2010


I'm not even really sure where to start. I'm just a little blown away. Ok, deep breath.
Now I know that we aren't together any more. And that when I chose to separate that Lui would not be sitting around pining away for me. But COME ON!!!

So what's got my knickers all in a knot?

One of the first things that my oldest son told me when I asked him how the weekend was at Daddy's was....

"Daddy had a sleep over, I thought it was you, but it was someone else"

OK, so the gist of what I have gotten out of my 2 sons, without seeming too snoopy, is; Daddy had a girl sleep over on Saturday night, it seems she was not there when the boys went to sleep, they do not remember her name(they have no memory for names), she went to breakfast at the diner with them(their special Sunday morning routine), she's nice, they like her, and they don't have a problem with her being around.

All in all they don't seem to have been very phased by the whole thing. I guess that's good. I'm a little bit knocked off my feet still though.

I don't know how it is for other single moms, but I have made some "dating" guidelines for myself. Nothing all that out of control. Mostly to protect myself and my kids, from being hurt, and traumatized unnecessarily. Stupidly, I figured that others(the ex) might do the same. Apparently not!
So now I have to figure out if I make a big deal about it? Do I even bother to say anything? Do I even have a right to say anything?
I did not say anything yesterday. I think my window is kind of closed now. The only reason that I would choose to say anything at this point is to protect the boys. I don't like the idea of them being exposed to many random people. They are only at his place 2 nights every 2 weeks, I think he can find other times to "entertain".

I think that I'll let it go for now. maybe see if it happens again in the near future. See if it's the same woman next time. Somehow it's more of an issue if it's a different person. I don't really want the boys to see a revolving door of people going through Daddy's place.

OK, I think my rant is over. One day I'll have a rant-free post. A post about happy things. Not today though.