Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Guess I'm Doing Something Right

The other day the boys came home from their Dad's house and my youngest did something that makes my heart sing. Something that gives me faith that even though he might be a handful a lot of the time, in the end he will be a wonderful human being. And really that's what I consider to be my ultimate "job" as a parent.

While at their Dad's place the dog ate my eldest's duct tape wallet that he made at the After School Program. This is one of his special items, something that he's proud of and actually takes care of. It got eaten because his younger brother didn't hear him ask for it to be put away.

Yesterday morning(the youngest's birthday no less) Youngest was doing something in the dining room, and yelling at Eldest not to come in that he was doing something special. I went to investigate. Youngest was removing his own name from his duct tape wallet, and attempting to write his big brother's name in its place. I helped. When he was satisfied, Youngest went and happily presented the wallet to his older brother.

These little acts of kindness make me so proud as a mother. It was such a thoughtful gesture. The image of my two boys, sitting side by side on the step, in their pyjamas, hugging will be forever ingrained in my "photobank".


  1. Awww, that's so sweet, I misted up a bit :)

  2. Wow Jen, I can only hope that my 2 boys will turn out as sweet as E. I heart him. He makes me melt.