Friday, August 26, 2011

Self Discipline

In the spring I injured myself, badly. I threw out my back, well my SI joint actually, with impressive severity. I had signed up for a mountain biking course, and only was able to make it to one out of the four classes. When I informed my instructor/friend/mentor that I physically wasn't able to continue she told me that when she had seen me for that one class all she could think about was my need for SELF DISCIPLINE.

This has stuck with me since I read it. It's true. Self discipline has always been something I have struggled with. I am a very enthusiastic starter, but have always failed on the follow through. I have an entire room of "started" craft projects. I stick to diets for on average ONE week. My laundry is generally clean, but only makes it to the basket or bed.

I really have no idea why I have such difficulty with follow through, but I aim for it to end now. I have an Autumn filled with exciting new experiences and projects that will all require discipline on my part. I am building my motivation now and hope it continues. Really, there's very little I can't accomplish if I just stick it out.

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