Monday, January 2, 2012

A Wish for 2012

Today is the day after New Year's Day, because yesterday I spent the day with family. I thought about doing a post, but my blog isn't as high a priority as spending time with my loved ones(truth). I also thought about doing the average "resolutions" post, and decided that is what it would be...average. So instead I thought about doing a "bucket list" post, but ultimately I'm the only one that cares about my bucket list.

In the end I have decided on this...

May 2012 bring you;
the LOVE that you want,
the FRIENDS that you need,
the STRENGTH to get through the tough times,
the COURAGE to do the truly amazing things,
the SUPPORT to make great changes,
and LAUGHTER daily.

Happy New Year, It's going to be AH-mazing.

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