Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sit Still, It Works Out

I admittedly am a planner. I over think things. I look at all possible outcomes before jumping into things. I make list, lots of lists. I am the opposite of spontaneous.

I feel that it works for me.

I especially feel that it works for me when I am on twitter.

I have never been a drama llama. Even in high school. It stresses me out.

I often admire the spontaneous people in my life. The friends and acquaintances that jump in, feet first, without looking. Until it blows up in their faces. And sadly, it OFTEN blows up in their faces.

I am a single Mom. My decisions in business, friendship, and romance have an impact on more than just me.

I will not expose my boys to a new romance until I know it's stable. This means dating for more than a month. And they will not meet him at breakfast(if you know what I mean).

I do not drink if the boys are at home with me. I could not imagine having to call an ambulance to take a sick boy to the hospital because I was drunk and was unable to drive him there.

I would never tell my boss to "shove it" unless I had something else already lined up.

When I'm upset, frustrated, angry, feeling I'm in a tailspin, I sit still. I breath. I listen to what the universe is telling me. I plan.

It works out.

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  1. I could've written this up until the last point. Your way is better.