Sunday, March 27, 2011

Get Your Shit Together Challenge - Week 2

I just have to take a moment to say WOW!!! It seems that this is a topic and a challenge that just about everyone can get behind. Last weeks post had the highest number of hits of any of my posts so far. Thank You! Hopefully after a year we will all be well on our way to having our shit together.

First I'll let you know how I did with last weeks tasks

Health and Wellness
-Make at least one health related appointment you have been putting off
I cheated a bit on this one, as I had already fulfilled this task 2 days before starting the challenge. I figured since it was something "I" had been putting off, others would have been as well.

-Chose one unfinished project, and work on it at least every other day all week
I failed miserably on this one. I had plans to work on my Mom's birthday gift, but never touched it.

-Begin pulling together your tax requirements. If you have already filed, good for you, want to come help me out?
This one didn't happen either.

-If you have kids, play at least one board game with them this week. If you don't have kids, call a relative that you haven't talked to for a while(maybe see if they want to play a board game too).
Yet another item I didn't check off. I was only home with the boys 2 evenings this week and one was spent at the pool for diving.

-Try one new recipe that contains ingredients that in theory EVERY member of your household will eat. Aim for it being a healthy recipe.
Yay! I did manage to do this, however, only 2 out of 3 of us liked the "cashew crusted chicken"

-Pick one room in your home, and purge 10 DIFFERENT items. This means 10 books doesn't count.
Look at that! Another item not completed. Seeing a pattern?

-Make one appointment/send one e-mail/mail something that you have been avoiding.
Completed! Appointment made to meet with my lawyer to move forward and complete my divorce. Talk about an appointment worthy of avoiding.

Now we get to the new challenges. I have decided in light of my only half completed list that I still ended up being overzealous despite my best effort to the contrary. In light of this revelation I will be "simplifying" the challenge. For the time being each week will involve 3 challenges. They will not currently be categorized, but perhaps that will change in the coming months as we all get our shit a little bit more "together".

Week # 2 Challenges

1) Get completely on top of your laundry this week. This includes bedding and towels.

2) Spend time on professional development this week. Read some journal articles, register for a class or course, or even volunteer for a new project at work.

3) Make a commitment to your health this week. Go for a walk, get to the gym, drink your 8 glasses of water every day, or eat at least one vegetarian meal.

Good Luck every one. I know I will get this list completed, I hope you will too.


  1. Hi,
    you are correct. Everyday go for a long walk and get to the gym. Then we will be fit always.

  2. AS much as I am very excited to join you in these challenges, I have been horrible at getting started these past two weeks. I am blaming it on being sick and having a sick toddler . . . that's my story and I'm sticking to it! hahaha!

    I have however started a list of all the challenges and I am going to work on getting caught up!!!

    Looking forward to this weeks list too!

  3. Nicki, you do the best that you can at any given time. I'm happy to have you join me whenever you are able to make it work. Illness trumps just about everything. Hope you and babe are feeling better soon.