Sunday, March 20, 2011

Get Your Shit Together Challenge

I have now officially past my one year single anniversary. This past year was a year of survival. I have managed to mostly keep my head above water as well as on straight. Now it's time to clean up, clear out, and lay the ground work for what will be a most magical and happy life. Since we can all always use a bit of a kick in the butt to move forward and improve ourselves, I thought I would make this a challenge to others as well as myself.

The aim is that each Sunday I will post a number of challenges for the coming week. This means there is an ENTIRE week to accomplish these few items. I am going to break them into categories with the aim to have a challenge from each category each week. I'm hoping that this will combat my issues with being overzealous. I know that it may look like a lot, but I bet that each and every item could be accomplished in the week just by "unplugging" for no more than 30 minutes each day.

Categories will be; Health and Wellness, Creativity, Professional, Family, Diet, Household, Stuff.

Health and Wellness
-Make at least one health related appointment you have been putting off

-Chose one unfinished project, and work on it at least every other day all week

-Begin pulling together your tax requirements. If you have already filed, good for you, want to come help me out?

-If you have kids, play at least one board game with them this week. If you don't have kids, call a relative that you haven't talked to for a while(maybe see if they want to play a board game too).

-Try one new recipe that contains ingredients that in theory EVERY member of your household will eat. Aim for it being a healthy recipe.

-Pick one room in your home, and purge 10 DIFFERENT items. This means 10 books doesn't count.

-Make one appointment/send one e-mail/mail something that you have been avoiding.

Thanks for joining me, at the end of the week I would love to hear how you did. I will let you know how things go.


  1. awesome! I'll try to join in. But I have no appts I need to make, everyone in the house is caught up on those!

  2. Full Disclosure, this list of challenges will generally contain item which "I" am in need of accomplishing ;-)

  3. Awesome idea!!! I am totally going to *try* to Get My Shit Together with you!

  4. hoorah for self-improvement! I support this whole-heartedly. I'd join you, but my daily resolutions project keeps me stupid busy already. I'll tune in at the end of the week though - good luck!!